Japanese Beauty Products You Shall Not Miss

If you want to get glamorously glowing and radiant skin naturally, these J-beauty products would definitely be a worthy purchase for you.

K-beauty is almost the most significant and eye-catching beauty trend these years. There must be a brand you have tried (or know): Laneige, Dr. Jart, Amore Pacific, Glow Recipe, COSRX… You name it. However, we think the skincare and beauty products from Korea’s neighbor country, Japan, are underrated.

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J-beauty products are known for their rich natural ingredients and super-effective formulations, such as rice extract, silk protein, cherry blossom, soy protein, green tea. These powerful yet effective ingredients are known to treat various skin problems and improve the elasticity of the skin. Some users in Cherie shared their favorite Japanese beauty products and proved they do work wonders. Read on to see more about this mysterious oriental power.

MUJI Moisturizing Milk Moisture

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user pastelpink_bunny

Muji is one of my favorite Japanese goodies store. They are organized and simple. They also have a skincare line! This J-beauty (Japanese beauty) product selections are awesome as they have categories for aged skin and sensitive skin as well. I have combination skin and when my skin is irritated, I look for simple skincare routine.

Especially during winter, I’m in need of products that are non irritating but hydrating. That’s why I love this milky lotion. It’s so light yet so effective. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for additional hydration.

Texture is just like emulsion but a little bit lighter. The price is affordable and totally worth it.

SHISEIDO Clear Stick UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

user michellindior

Who it is for: Recommend for normal, dry, combination, oily, sensitive

What does it feel like: Goes on smooth on skin with no white cast.

I have used this for years! It is the perfect size for travels and beach days. The only other sunscreen that did not break me out. The other one is drunk elephant. It’s so easy to use and is about $28 for 0.52 oz. i have recommended and repurchased

SHISEIDO Waso Starter Kit

user mommys_beauty_reviews

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Product Target Concerns: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily. Pores and Dryness

Texture/Consistency: The Jelly is somewhat like aloe, definitely a gel-like moisturizer

My Thoughts on the Product: My favorite out of this set is the jelly. I love the scent and the results. It absorbs quickly and helps minimize pores and initiation with dry skin.

Recommend to Others?: Yes, it’s a fun set to try this brand for sure. I only did a 4 because I would probably suggest spending your money on one product verses this set.

HADALABO Gokujyun Premium Lotion

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user NikeViki

Best for dry, dehydrated skin.

I first tried this product during the week I went to visit be family during the holidays. I went into my sister’s bathroom every day for my trip’s duration to use it. i definitely noticed a difference in my skin. When I got home and knew I had to get it. I have waxed on about my oily skin in plenty of videos and since my skin overproduces oily because it is dehydrated this helps. My skin drinks it up. It doesn’t pill when I do the rest of my skin care so that is a major plus. There are similar other products from this brand that target different concerns.

Gentle Cleansing Beauty Oil SAKURA Fresh Pore shu uemura

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user skincaresensei

If I could I would give this a 4.5 ⭐️ rating. It’s a purifying cleansing oil that has cherry blossom in it. It’s balancing and has some great ingredients. Although it’s fragranced it didn’t bother my skin much and was more like aromatherapy. It smells so good and is one of my favorite cleansing oils. It’s on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to price but I’m willing to pay for it! I would recommend this for any skin type really. It’s super gentle and won’t your skin. It cleans impurities, balances and purifies the skin. It’s a lightweight oil that easily emulsifies but doesn’t turn milky texture and not like a thick oil that’s hard to wash off. It’s such an easy product to like and love it for that! Does the job and once again, smells heavenly!!!!!



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