Inner versus outer beauty – How to become even more gorgeous

The health consequences of an unbalanced diet are known to us all today. We recognize the value of eating good food and the different short-term and longer-term health benefits that they bring.

The value of healthy inner wellbeing and good digestion leading to pretty skin is something we might be less familiar with. Inner and outer beauty are actually closely related!

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We need a really good and broad range of good and super food and good skincare ingredients for inner and outer beauty, as well as organic vitamins that help upkeep our skin’s look and well-being.

But on the outside would a lack of good digestive health be apparent to us?

What symptoms tell us that we have a problem?

There are a series of skin signs that may reflect slow digestion and a general indication of health issues.

  • Blemishes
  • Rashes
  • Wrinkles
  • Rosacea
  • eczema
  • Acne

This is a lengthy sequence of signs that a normally pale complexion will compound these problems. For all of these skin problems, though, there are many possible reasons – not all of which have to do with what we eat. So how do you narrow the issues down and figure out if it’s your eating habits?

How you feel after a meal is a significant indicator. If you have bloating or gassy, this could be a symptom of your body not digesting your food efficiently. Also, stomach cramps are a warning. These can often only be detected for a long time after eating, after food has gone through the stomach into the intestine.

Why is it important to have safe digestive flora for good skin?

Strong flora (a bacterium that tends to break up food in order to facilitate digestion) helps to absorb nutrients. The body actually does not consume enough nutrients if it does not do its work. The loss of the intestinal flora will lead to many problems, including stress, poor diet, or alcohol addiction.

The symptoms are manifested in nails that are thin and partially weakened, skin impurities and a decline in hair consistency.

How are appearance (outer beauty) and digestion related?

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Food is stuck in the digestive system if it is not digested. It’s starting to rot there. It releases toxins into the body and are consumed. The intestinal wall forms mucus, which makes it much harder for the body to digest. It also makes the disposal of our body’s waste more difficult, which leads to more toxins being released. A vicious dietary circle is emerging.

It is easy to understand the physical causes, such as bad diet and alcohol, but why does stress add to the problem?

Stress is a state of fear, and in those states, the body prioritizes for immediate and urgent state, which is a kind of battle or escape situation, by releasing chemicals such as adrenaline. The body essentially avoids working on the digestive process. Even with a balanced diet, nutrient processing is hampered by stress. What’s more, our appetite suffers when we’re stressed and sometimes our look (when we look at the mirror) then adds more stress.

The lesson is to ensure that the diet you consume is really balanced and have lots of good ingredients. They should be the kinds of healthy super foods available to ensure that you are as stunning internally as well as outside, which is essentially the secret to anti-aging.

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