Hyram’s Tips: Myths of Active Ingredients?🤔 Can✅ N Cannot🚫

Active ingredients:

the ingredients that really focus on providing benefits to your skin. For example, exfoliating ingredients, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, etc.

Being careful and deliberate about what you mix and what you put on your skin.

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great for sensitive skin to reduce redness and sensitivity; brighten your skin, effectively fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation; control excess oiliness and sebum production within your skin, great for combination skin. Could be used during day and night at any point in the skincare routine

NATURIUM – Niacinamide Serum 12% Plus Zinc 2% ($16): very lightweight, no sticky feeling

Salicylic Acid (BHA):

especially for people who have acne-prone or breakout-prone skin. It goes deep into your pores and exfoliates all the dead skin and excess oil out of your pores to make sure that your pores are clean and healthy. Hyram recommends using it every other day.


amazing for repairing deeply damaged skin, help to resolve the issues regarding acne scars, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, etc. BUT, retinol can be sensitizing to the skin, please apply it at night to avoid sun exposure. You’d better slowly introduce it to your skin, starts from twice a week to three times a week. And only put on a completely DRY skin!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs):

works on the top layer of your skin, and gives you the glow and smooth finish. Could be used day and night, but Hyram recommends using it during nighttime to make it most effective. Use it 3-4 times a week.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA):

help to hydrate your skin. You could mix it with any active ingredient. Highly recommend it if you are living in a moist environment

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid):

anti oxygen, brighten dark spots, prevent and decrease aging in your skin. It will be unstable when exposed to light, so make sure that your VC products are not in dark brown. Hyram doesn’t recommend mixing vitamin c with other active ingredients on your own.

NATURIUM – Vitamin C Face Oil($22): hydrating and brightening your face. Hyram recommends using it on its own

NATURIUM – Vitamin C Complex Serum($20): formulate with pineapple extract, papaya extract, and other mildly exfoliated ingredients

NATURIUM – Vitamin C Super Serum Plus($20): formulated with active ingredients, such as VC and niacinamide, by professional chemists who are able to stabilize the PH to make the ingredients effective. ps. Inside all Naturium boxes, you could find the information about the ingredients, and how to use and how it works

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Benzoyl Peroxide:

for getting rid of acne and acne scars, typically found in a cleanser form

Combination of active ingredients

Niacinamide + BHA:

Reduce the oiliness of the excess sebum and exfoliate your skin. Use Niacinamide in the morning and BHA at night to avoid texture conflict and irritation

Niacinamide + Retinol:

A great combination to reduce the redness caused by Retinol

Niacinamide + AHAs:

Works great together.


A great combination to exfoliate your skin and make your skin glow overnight, but don’t use it too frequently.

Retinol + AHAs/BHAs:

technically you can mix them together, but Hyram personally doesn’t recommend it. They might over-exfoliate your face.

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