Basics About Anti-Aging Skincare

One of the most important processes occurring in our skin is regeneration. The only way in which the skin can become more youthful or younger is by intensifying skin renewal. Skin renewal is a continuous process.

The intensity of regeneration of the cells their quantity and their structure govern the elasticity, plasticity, wrinkling, and condition of the skin. In young skin, this natural regeneration process is so intensive that the entire epidermis is renewed, i.e. rejuvenated, within 22 to 28 days.

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Age and environmental effects reduce the renewal of skin cells as a result of a decrease in metabolic activity. The number of skin cells decreases and the cells themselves become increasingly inelastic, smaller, and thinner; which is why the skin also becomes thinner, more wrinkled, tired-looking, and rough.

Modern scientific cosmetic care try to delay the changes and substance displacements occurring in the skin due to age and environmental effects; replenish or compensate the missing substances, and actively preserve the healthy condition of the skin.

The specific cosmetic application of specific organic agents makes it possible to maintain the natural balance of the skin metabolism and its activity.

Concept of The Skin Society products

In nature and living things, substances are found which can be described as versatile, eg. multiple-effect, bio activators. These bio activators organize or influence the normal development of vital processes.

The development of the biological complex in The Skin Society Anti Wrinkle Serum has made it possible to provide such bio activators in optimized proportions for the formulation of modern cosmetic care products with cell-regenerating properties.

The objective of this novel product, The Skin Society Anti Wrinkle Serum is to provide the user with a polypotent agent complex making it possible high-quality skincare products, which on the one hand delay skin aging in a natural way through improved regeneration, and on the other hand simultaneously regulate or normalize the skin’s moisture and sebaceous matter balance and hence smooth out wrinkles.

It has been possible to achieve this extremely ambitious aim with the optimized combination contained in the agent complex The Skin Society Anti Wrinkle Serum, consisting of farnesol, a farnesol derivate, and a panthenol derivate.

Farnesol and farnesol derivates are natural substances of high biological potency which are also found in this form as bio activators in human skin. These components are therefore absorbed by the skin and can thus develop their effect to the full.

Even the butterfly, for example, owes its beauty to such bio activators. These natural substances determine, control, and regulate the development of a butterfly from birth until its glorious colors have fully developed .

Farnesol and farnesol derivates are widespread in the plant world. They have been detected in countless flower oils and other ethereal oils. For example, lime blossom oil, acacia blossom oil, rose oil, flower oils from the lily of the valley, lilac, oranges, etc., musk seed oil, sandalwood oil, and so on.

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Substances of this type have also been detected in champagne. The farnesol content is an important quality factor in the bouquet of champagne.

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