10 Myths About Wrinkles – What’s True & What’s Nonsense!

With the anti-aging industry being worth 23.45 billion dollars, the market for this niche is unignorable.

We pick, fill, inject, pull, tighten, and do everything to our skin that we can to reduce the signs of aging. But instead of approaching the subject based on the ‘anti’ of aging, perhaps you should embrace the gift of more time in your life.

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To age means that you are living long enough to do so! The real curse is dying young and beautiful, without any time to make your dreams come true or create lasting memories.

Your wrinkles are a sign that you have lived a full life and lived it well. Embrace that as the most prestigious and fortunate sign of beauty there is.

Since we are here to alter your perspective on beauty, let us take that a step further by debunking some myths you have probably been fed throughout your lifetime:

  1. Natural is Superior

    Nonsense – Although there is a recent craze for ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products in food and skincare, the regulation is not always there to back it.

    The FDA has little regulation surrounding these words, and nearly anyone can print that on their products. You need to look for the USDA Organic sign or take time to understand the ingredients in that product.

    Also, just because it is from nature, does not mean it is healthy. Poison ivy is from nature too, and you would not apply that to your face.

    Keep in mind and be cautious that you might be allergic to something, despite it being natural.

  2. You Only Need Anti-Aging Products When Wrinkles Appear

    Nonsense – Once fine lines appear, it is very challenging to eliminate them. You can:

    • Increase the collagen in your face through powder additives, pills, or a crème
    • Minimize the appearance of that fine line by gaining weight and looking plumper
    • Have the line injected with Botox or filler

    But besides this, there is not much ‘undoing’ of a wrinkle that has set in.

    This is why – Prevention is your #1 asset against fighting aging!

    The earlier you start, the better. You want to prevent those fine lines from emerging in the first place, rather than trying to rectify their appearance once it’s too late.

  3. Moisturizer Will Save Your Skin

    Yes & No – Every skin type can benefit from daily moisturizing. Dry skin can be more prone to microtears and permanent damage than skin that is hydrated.

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    Moisturizers protect the lipid barrier on your skin that shields against harsh UV light rays. Many drug-store brand moisturizers do not have the anti-aging powers that they promise.

    A good moisturizer will not reverse or remove wrinkles, but it will keep your skin my hydrated and plump to where the appearance of those fine lines will be minimized.

    We recommend getting a gentle moisturizer, perhaps as told by your dermatologist. This way, you can have a customized recommendation to your skin type, from an expert’s diagnosis. Often, better than a moisturizer is to include Retinol into your skin routine.

    Retinol increases cell turnover to expose a fresh face with reduced lines and increased brightness. Dermatologists recommend starting with Retinol in your 20s to prevent wrinkles early.


    • Moisturize daily
    • Get a moisturizer from your dermatologist that meets your anti-aging needs
    • Incorporate Retinol as your anti-aging fighter
    • Do not depend on moisturizer alone


  4. Your Genes Dictate Your Aging Process

    Yes & No – Yes, we do get many traits passed down from our parents. But genes will not dictate your lifestyle and how well you take care of your skin, so they will not directly correlate to how you will age.

    If you had a twin, the main differences between how you will age includes:

    • The amount of sun exposure without SPF
    • The amount of alcohol/substance
    • Diet and exercise throughout life
    • How early skincare and anti-aging routines were introduced
    • If one smokes and the other doesn’t, etc.

    All of these things can influence the rate at which you age, often more so than your genetic predisposition.

  5. Expensive Products are Better

    Yes & No – This does not have to be the case, but often it is true. With a plethora of products to choose from, not all will be able to offer what they promise.

    We recommend finding a few key products that work well for you and downsize your routine. This way:

    • You’re not spending hundreds per month on too many products
    • Your skin doesn’t fight having too much thrown at it (your face only wants a few products, not dozens)
    • You minimize your routine for efficiency and effectiveness


  6. No Wrinkles Means Healthy Skin

    Nonsense – Even if you don’t have wrinkles, you could have:

    • Loss of collagen
    • Sunspots
    • Dark spots/age spots
    • Acne
    • Dry skin/oily skin
    • Hyperpigmentation, etc.

    A lack of wrinkles does not directly correlate to healthy skin.

  7. Vitamin C is Your Holy Grail

    Yes & No – We have all heard that vitamin C is the critical antioxidant to fighting aging. Although you should use it and incorporate it into your skincare routine, it may not live up to all the hype.

    Vitamin C alters its chemical nature once exposed to oxygen. Oxidation will lower the efficacy of your products, and skincare experts are working on this as we speak. They want a vitamin C that does not oxidize so rapidly, but this will take time for clinical studies.

    In the meantime, the best things to do are:

    • Use a vitamin C serum or crème
    • Do not rely on this alone for anti-aging
    • Get the most out of your vitamin C by consuming it in fruits and vegetables, preparing your body to fight off free radicals and reduce your risk of cancer.


  8. Only Wear SPF When It’s Sunny

    Nonsense – Even if you don’t see the sun behind the clouds, you absolutely still need to wear your SPF daily!
    The sun is the strongest culprit behind why we age, with UV rays lowering out collagen production and causing sun damage on the skin, as well as being responsible for 90% of melanoma skin cancers.

    Sunscreen will reduce your risk of cancer as well as signs of aging. You will want an SPF that is:

    • Oil-free
    • Contains protection from UVA and UVB
    • Gentle enough for daily use


  9. Your Diet Will Influence Your Beauty

    True – Here’s a fact that science can get behind! Your diet dramatically impacts the rate at which you age. There are no real tricks or hacks behind it, only eating what comes from the earth instead of processed food that comes in a box or fast-food sack.

    Aim to eat more:

    • Whole foods
    • Grains
    • Natural products
    • Fruits (dark berries such as blueberry and pomegranate are high in antioxidants)
    • Vegetables (Kale, spirulina, and spinach will make your body more alkaline, where cancer cannot live)

    Beauty comes from the inside out. Sometimes diet cannot supply this alone, so incorporate some daily vitamins to get that extra boost of health, energy, and beauty!

  10. You Can Remove & Treat Wrinkles

    Yes & no – As stated, there is not much you can do once a deep wrinkle sets in. Your options are:

    • Slightly minimize with crèmes and serums
    • Find a quality retinoid product (Retinol) to increase cell turnover
    • Fill, inject, Botox, lasers, chemical peels, facelifts, etc.

    Many of these are only temporary fixes and will not magically erase your fine lines permanently.

    So the real focus should be on early prevention.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that some of the best things you can do are much cheaper than anti-aging crèmes or facelifts. All you truly need is lots of sleep, water, vitamin C, and joy. Stress will cause aging faster than almost anything else (look at the presidents’ before and after pictures if you don’t believe it).

When in doubt, apply that SPF and leave the rest to nature. It is okay to want to fight some of mama nature’s weathering, but do not make your external appearance the main validation of your worth.

You are so much more than your beauty, and your smile lines are worth celebrating!



This article was taken from Cherie so it can be available to all. Credit to user @Jada.Fair

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