Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence Special Set 7 pcs


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Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. The set comes with: Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence 50ml + 20ml Cheongidan Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer 25ml Cheongidan Radiant Rejuvenating Lotion 25ml Bichup First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence 8ml Bichup Ja Yoon Cream 8ml Gongjinhyang Mi Glow Lip Balm ORANGE 1 pc Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence: This anti-wrinkle essence awakens skin’s inherent power to create bright and youthful skin. Formulated with 3 secret royal formula including Gongjinbidan to nourish and clarify skin with resilience. Its lightweight texture absorbs into skin to give a non-sticky finish. How to use: 1. Apply an appropriate amount of Balancer onto face before using Essence to help it better infuse into skin. 2. Apply an appropriate amount of Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence evenly onto face. 3. Wrap around face with palms to aid absorption. 4. Finish the remaining skin care routine with Lotion, Cream and Lip Balm.

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2021 07 14 The History of Whoo Bichup Ja Sang Cream & Essence Duo Set /Season/Anti-aging

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