Fleur Regenerative Cream 50ml

Brand from South Korea: su:m37. Benefits: This cream restores the elasticity of skin with Orchid Y Complex, which reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles effectively. Brightens the skin tone and revitalizes your skin with the formulation of Yeast Extract. Glides smoothly on your skin, leaving a moisturized and soft complexion. How to use: 1. At the last stage of skincare, apply a moderate amount of product over your face from inner to outer skin texture. 2. Pat over your face gently with your palms for better absorption.

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Bộ Dưỡng Trắng Da Trị Nám Sum37 White Award Special Set 8 Sản Phẩm

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Korean Beauty Skincare -su:m37-
Fleur Regenerative Cream 50ml