Aquabolic Hydro Gel Cream 50ml

Brand from South Korea: HERA. Benefits: A gel type moisturiser with Lotus Extract, Betaine and natural moisturising ingredients from Trehalose to revive and soothe skin. It glides on and gives a pleasant cooling sensation upon application, leaving skin healthy and radiant. How to use: 1. Include this product in your AM & PM basic skin care routine. Use prior to makeup. 2. Dispense a moderate amount and spread over face and neck. 3. Pat lightly for better absorption.

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화장품 다쓰고 프리메라💝구매한 제품 같이🌝 볼래요~? 혼자설렘

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Korean Beauty Skincare -HERA-
Aquabolic Hydro Gel Cream 50ml