Rosy-Satin Cream 50ml 50ml

Brand from South Korea: HERA. Elaborate and firming care which makes the skin bright, smooth and vitalized as satin-like rose petals Contain Rosy-Satin Complex which helps control skin turnover cycle of skin texture with firm-looking, supple and healthy skin Mousse cake-like texture softly melts into skin to deliver deep moisture while smoothly covering skin surface for a long-lasting feeling of comfort and a delicate rosy fragrance Offer oil-moisture balance to make not only your skin better but also makeup blend in better with rich moisture How to use: Apply a moderate amount to face at the stage of cream during basic skin care and dap for absorption

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Hera Pink Clay Heating Mask 50ml

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Korean Beauty Skincare -HERA-
Rosy-Satin Cream 50ml 50ml