Mentha Trouble Gel Cream

Acne-friendly gel cream.

Peppermint extract controls the secretion of sebum, moisturizes skin, and soothes it. Peppermint controls oil production, while fine linseed extract soothes sensitive skin.

It’s pretty cool that water droplets “pop” when you apply this.  It’s very refreshing.

A trouble gel cream enriched with Mentha ingredient which is suitable for acne skin, helps control sebum secretion for clean, fresh skin Cypress content helps soothe sensitive skin with rich moisture for healthy, supple skin How to use: After using toner, apply a moderate amount to face and gently dap for absorption.

Why we love Hanyul Mentha Trouble Gel Cream

Hanyul Mentha Trouble Gel Cream is a dream for those struggling with skin troubles. With a refreshing scent and a non-greasy formula, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and revitalized. The cream absorbs quickly, providing a cooling sensation that is particularly soothing during hot weather or after a long day. This product is also a go-to for those with sensitive skin, as users have reported no irritation or breakouts, making it a reliable part of any skincare routine. While user reviews are somewhat limited, the positive feedback highlights its effectiveness and enjoyable use.

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한율 산들박하 트러블 젤크림

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Hanyul Mentha Trouble Spot Gel 20ml

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Mentha Trouble Gel Cream