Geuk Jin Emulsion

A super-powerful micro-emulsion that contains a thicker, more valuable fermented ginseng core, this luxurious facial essence features exclusive properties that soften distracting skin elasticity and add nutrition to the skin for a moisturizing, comfortable finish.

When you feel as if your skin has lost its luster and is in need of nourishment, introduce it to this highly enriched, ultra-nutritionary essence.


  • An anti-aging emulsion containing fermented Korean ginseng capsule that provides nutrients.
  • It makes dull skin radiant, vitality, and healthier.
  • The Canola oil extract nourishes the skin and makes the skin smooth and tidy.

How To Use

  • After using a skin softener, take an appropriate amount into hand, and gently spread it over the face.

Why we love Hanyul Geuk Jin Emulsion

Hanyul Geuk Jin Emulsion is a hydration hero. This emulsion, packed with nourishing ingredients, provides intense hydration, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and radiant.

Its lightweight texture absorbs quickly, making it perfect for daily use. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone seeking to maintain a hydrated, glowing complexion.

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Bộ dưỡng trắng da Hàn Quốc Hanyul Geuk Jin Skin Emulsion Essence Cream 한율 극진 스킨 에멀젼 에센스 크림

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Geuk Jin Emulsion