Blue Sea Corset Mask 200ml

Brand from South Korea: Phymongshe. Benefits: A skin-detoxifying wash off mask absorbs and lifts pore waste and excess sebum. Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract helps alleviate skin concerns such as unbalanced, troubled skin. Hawaiian Deep Sea Water with rich minerals replenishes, soothes and purifies skin. Sea Salt also contains rich minerals that promotes revitalising and brightening properties. How to use: 1. Prep your skin with toner after cleansing. 2. Spread a generous amount over the entire face. 3. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, saturate a sponge with tepid water and gently wipe the formula off.

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[Phymongshe] 아로마 딥 클린 마스크 Aromatic Deep Clean Mask

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Korean Beauty Skincare -Phymongshe-
Blue Sea Corset Mask 200ml