E.G.T Timetox Ampoule Mask Set 10pcs (Line Friends Edition) 27ml x



Brand from South Korea: Mediheal. A set of sheet masks infused with nourishing ampoule that contains adenosine, astaxanthin, E.G.F and peptides now available in Line Friends Edition with cute character printing so you can take a selfie while applying.Benefits: Synergy of E.G.F (Epidermal Growth Factor), Peptide and Astaxanthin offers intensive firming and skin elasticity boosting effects for vitalized, youthful skin express Help promote skin regeneration to improve wrinkles, sagging skin and delay skin aging problems Cellulose mask sheet with excellent adhesive power promotes silk-like comfortable application and rapid transfer of active ingredients inside the nourishing ampoule for intensive skin care effect How to use: 1. After facial cleansing, adjust skin texture with toner. 2. Take out the mask sheet and place it on face while avoiding the eye and mouth areas. 3. After 10-20mins, remove the mask and gently dap the remaining essence on the face for better absorption.

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