JM Solution – Water Luminous Avocado Oil Ampoule Mask


Nourish and hydrate skin with this sheet mask! Enriched with extracts and oil from super food avocado, it’s also packed with naturally-derived extracts for anti-aging benefits and long-lasting hydration. The thin mask hugs face seamlessly to deliver nutrients effectively.

  • Avocado oil ampoule mask to provide deep and soft nourishment from avocado oil for moistful skin.
  • Fine Soft Sheet: Fine micro sheet holds essence and delivers energy softly.
  • Avocado Oil & Moringa Seed Oil: Two kinds of oil provide nourishment and firmness to dehydrated skin.
  • Oil Gel Essence: It gently spreads to give full hydration for a healthy-looking water luminous complexion.How to use:
  • After washing, prepare skin with toner.
  • Apply sheet mask evenly on your face.
  • Remove the mask sheet after 10-20 minutes later and gently pat the remaining essence.

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