Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Set – 4 Types Aqua Fit


Brand from South Korea: Abib. A set of mild, pH-balancing sheet masks available in nourishing, hydrating, and brightening solutions.Size: 30ml x 10pcs Benefits: Contains a bottle of ampoule for moisturising. With similar pH value with skin to prevent skin irritation. Helps with skin pH balance and strengthen skin immunity. With special ALBAM (ALbumin & BAMboo) sheet to improve skin elasticity and delivers nutrients better. Heartleaf Fit: Soothes sensitive skin without irritation. Enriched with 89% of Huttuynia Cordata Extract to remove excessive sebum for a clear and bright skin texture. Aqua Fit: Hydrates skin and strengthens moisturising power to keep your skin hydrated. Honey Fit: Enriched with minerals and vitamin to nourishes skin. Yuja Fit: Moisturises and vitalises skin with the vitamins contained in Yuja. How to use: 1. After cleansing and toners, place the mask on the face correctly, avoiding eye and lip area. 2. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, remove the mask and pat gently until the remaining essence is fully absorbed.

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Abib Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Set

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Korean Beauty Skincare -Abib-Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Set - 4 Types Yuja Fit
Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Set - 4 Types Aqua Fit