Vogue / Bobbi Brown Make-up Tutorial

Hi everyone! how ya’ doin? Hope everyone is doing good 🙂

So upon browsing about make-up stuff on youtube, I found these fabulous Bobbi Brown Make-up tutorial posted by thevoguerussia, albeit a little bit older. And I fell in love with the look the first minute I saw it. Worth to share I believe ^-^

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VOGUE / Pink make-up by Bobbi Brown

This is my all time favorite make-up tutorial from thevoguerussia! Oh
boy~ The model look super pretty, somehow she escaped darkcircles, even without concealer >.< you agree? The pinkyness on the eyes is subtle, letting the vivid lips become the vocal point. Sweet and romantic, the make-up would be
perfect for valentine’s day~ Simple yet so stunning.
pictures of pink make-up by Bobbi Brown:

This video makes me want to buy Bobbi brown cream blush/pot rouge. She used her finger to blend the color in, and the color looked so subtle and pretty, giving her a healthy flush~ Totally love this look!


VOGUE / Silver make-up by Bobbi Brown

I love how silver eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown makes her eyes popped out and looks even more stands out! It’s all about shimmer and metallic shade~♥ Very pretty and sparky!
And some pictures from silver make-up by Bobbi Brown:
The final result, I love how the MUA used her finger to blend in the eyeshadow cream (yet again) hahaha~ finger is the most expensive and versatile Make-up ‘tool’ I reckon.  The undereye concealer is super thick too, but it doesn’t seem to look cakey on the vid. The eyeliner is barely visible, so somehow she still looks natural imo.

VOGUE / Bobbi Brown New Year make-up (in blue colors)

Some photo of the process:
The name of the model is Yulia Krashevskaya.She looks undeniably gorgeous and amazing. Loving the nude lips and the soft cheek color too, the vocal point is on the eye. I LOVE the MUA! Can anyone (maybe those who live in Russia) mention the name of the MUA? I’d be so grateful~!
Which one is your favorite? Mine is the pink make-up. It’d be perfect for the special valentine’s day! :3

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