Is the Hype Real? We Tested 5 Popular Primers Designed for Creating a Flawless Look

We Tested 5 Popular Primers Designed for Creating a Flawless LookPin
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To not prime is a crime! We put the five most popular primers under the microscope to separate the legit from the ones you can forget.

We are always chasing a flawless makeup look. A product should be added as a part of your skincare routine: it can prevent endless touch-ups and smooth out those pesky flaws. Yeah, primer is worth to note and talk about. Using the right primer is a critical step in getting our makeup to perform the way it should be.

If you’re a makeup junkie like us, you know that there are various primers out there who are claiming to be the masters of covering up large pores, preventing smudged eye makeup, or fixing other complexion problems. To verify whether they really work, we specially purchased these popular word-of-mouth primers and put them through the gauntlet!

12-Hour Shine Control / 16-Hour Wear

As the shine control member of the Too Faced PEACH Makeup line, this primer is packed in a cute pink tube and is said to be a superstar.


* Texture and Color: Creamy but not thick, pinky-beige color

* Smell: Peachy but a bit artificial

* Sensation: Cooling

* Finished Look: Matte skin without dryness


* Step 1: Added one pump of Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting Primer on the left part of the test area, meanwhile kept the right side without application.

* Step 2: Then, we applied a layer of Jasmine body oil from Herbivore on the whole test area to simulate an extremely oily skin condition.


After waiting for around 10 minutes, we covered the test area with two blotting papers. The left blotting paper appeared to be less oily than the right oily patch.


4 Stars (Well done, Too Faced!)
Too Faced Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting PrimerPin
Too Faced Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting PrimerPin

Blurs Aways Pores and Imperfects with Layers of Silk

A best-seller at Sephora, it claims to ‘diminish the look of pores, fines lines, and imperfections.’

TATCHA The Silk Canvas Protective Primer


Texture and Color: Balmy with a pink tone

Smell: A fresh floral scent

Sensation: Thick but absorbs in minutes

Finished Look: Nourished and glowing skin


* Step 1: Yeah, we know those two wooden sticks seem a bit odd, but this was our way of imitating uneven skin accurately! The surface of the wood mimics the ventilation, absorption, lines, and imperfections of textured skin.

* Step 2: We applied a layer of primer on the left wooden stick and kept the right one clean, then we put foundation on both sticks.


The test results surprised us! Not only did it help with the texture problems, but Silk Canvas Protective Primer also helped bring out the makeup’s pigmentation!


5 Stars (The hype is real, approved!)

TATCHA The Silk Canvas Protective PrimerPin
All Day Hydration and All Day Hold

Winning the Allure Best of Beauty award, this newly dropped primer by Milk Makeup is blowing up on YouTube right now and has a ton of positive reviews.
Milk MAKEUP Hydro Grip Primer


Texture and Color: Translucent gel with a green tone

Smell: Fragrance-free

Sensation: Watery and cooling

Finished Look: Hydrating and appearance of soft skin


* Step 1: Added one pump of the primer on the upper part of the arm and kept the lower part naked.

* Step 2: Using a moisture detector to test just how hydrated it left our skin.


On the area with bare skin, we got a reading of 11% moisture on the skin detector, while the area with primer had a much higher moisture level, a whopping 19%!


4.5 Stars (Congratulations Hydro Grip Primer, you proved yourself!)

Milk MAKEUP Hydro Grip PrimerPin Pin

Conceal Redness Effortlessly

It’s said to conceal redness, and repel water, so your foundation lasts longer. Such a big-name brand should stand up to the challenge. As one of the OG primer products, we challenged Hourglass to our no-filter test.

HOURGLASS Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15


Texture and Color: White fluid texture

Smell: A light mineral scent

Sensation: Thin and smooth, but a bit of a silicon feel

Finished Look: Matte and even-textured


* Step 1: Unfortunately for our colleague, and much to our delight, she had broken out with spots that day and had visible red spots that needed concealing. Just in time to put this primer to the test!

* Step 2: Applied primer to the areas with redness.


The redness and visibility of acne improved significantly, giving Cherie’s skin a brightening effect. However, the luminous effect did bring out some white casting, which isn’t ideal for those with a darker skin tone.


3.5 Stars (Helpful to some, harmful to others!)

PinHOURGLASS Veil Mineral Primer before afterPin

Ensures Vibrant, Crease-Free Wear for Up to 24 Hours

Don’t let the festive fun packaging fool you! This Urban Decay Primer claims to help you ‘stay vibrant and crease-free,’ a limited-edition Honey Eyeshadow Primer Potion Ornament from Urban Decay, this holiday exclusive looked right up our alley!

URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion (limited edition not available anymore. Link to anti-aging version)


Texture and Color: Gold-toned liquid with glitters

Smell: Odorless

Sensation: Weightless on skin

Finished Look: Glittery, matte finish


* Step 1: To test the full power of this primer, we chose a very pigmented Tom Ford eyeshadow, shade 26, to get a good sense of staying power.

* Step 2: We layered the Urban Decay Honey Eyeshadow Primer on the left part of the test area and kept the right test area naked.

* Step 3: We applied the same amount of eyeshadow on both sides and observed the difference in pigmentation.

* Step 4: Scrubbed both test areas to see how the primer would work to keep its long-lasting effect.


The area with primer obviously worked better, bringing out exceptionally clearer pigmentation, especially when the shadows had glitter and shimmer or when it was a darker shade. The long-lasting effect also impressed us!


5 Stars (Magical formula! In Urban Decay, we trust!)

URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer PotionPinPin

Have you tried any of these primers before? Tell us what you think about our little experiment, and if you got similar results? Want us to put other brands or products to the test? Tell us below.

user @thesavvyreeder

MilkMakeup – Blur Stick – great if you’re in a hurry. I will say I’ve had issues with it clumping on my skin where there is more texture, so it’s not my “go-to gal” Urban Decay Primer Potion (anti-aging formula) When I’m going to wear a heavier eye look, this is usually the one I reach for. It holds the look in place really well and helps prevent creasing Tatcha Silk Canvas – my Holy Grail of priming. This stuff is magic. It’s the closest to perfect I’ve found so far. The consistency is smooth and silky, and leaves your skin feeling the same. Not only does it prime your skin well but it also improves your skin over time.


This article was taken from Cherie to make it available to all.

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