Summer must-have: Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Innisfree is a Korean cosmetics brand that combines research and nature in a perfect combination.

Its No-Sebum mineral powder is super absorbent, and anti-sweat oil mineral powder.  With it I have gone 6 or 7 hours without producing any oil on my face; haven’t tested it on days longer than that.  I still maintain a clear skin tone after a long day, while feeling really natural at the same time! It’s colorless and transparent.  It’s a fine powder that I can use with full peace of mind.

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It’s a best selling product from the Innisfree line for good reasons.  It’s super delicate that can control oil, with or without other makeup, and does a fantastic job of covering pores.

It’s rich in mint, lavender, and citrus ingredients. It’s safe, brightening and shrinks pores all at the same time.  The Jeju natural minerals and mint can restore unhealthy balance of oil and moisture in your skin. I just love the soft and powdery complexion look that you get after using this.

As a tip when using this powder, use a powder puff or make-up brush to pick up some of this powder, shaking off any excess, and go gently from top to bottom of the face, making sure you don’t have too much powder in any one spot.  You can finish off with another brush over the whole face to brush off any excess powder.

There are multiple ways you can use this powder:

  1. as a finishing to your basic skincare routing, by applying a super thin layer to the areas of the face with excess oil
  2. as the last step to your makeup routine, to set the makeup
  3. on top of the foundation after giving it a few minutes to settle first.
  4. Mix this powder with sheering powder before applying it, to get an even softer and brighter skin tone.
  5. as an Eye Primer or an eye makeup setter for eye liner and eye shadow.  Apply this powder lightly to make your makeup stay on longer.
  6. you can also apply a layer of this loose powder directly under the eyes in case any eye shadow falls off.
  7. forget the oil blotting paper when you are touching up your makeup.  Use this powder instead.
  8. maybe an unexpected use for some, but you can use this powder as hair oil control when you are just too busy to wash your hair.  Tap a very small amount of the powder on your scalp and brush it out.

Super delicate and ultra-fine, it goes on your skin completely transparent.  I find it clears my skin texture, hides my pores, with strong oil control.  It’s very small in size so it’s really easy to carry around with me and touch up on the go.  It’s a finishing powder that I would highly recommend, especially for those who can use the extra help with the shine on their T-zone and on their eye lids.

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