Review: ETUDE HOUSE Apricot Stick #5 Sweet Banana

Hello Gorgeous ~ will be doing a review of my new awesome beauty find, ETUDE HOUSE Apricot stick in Sweet Banana! I’ve been wanting to buy it since forever because I LOVE how it looked swatched on my hand.

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The twist-dispensing-mechanism on the bottom won’t let you twist back and won’t make the ‘dispensed’ product go back down, so be careful!

ETUDE HOUSE Apricot stick #5 Sweet Banana Swatch

My 2cents:

Okay now, shade 5 (Sweet Banana) is my most favorite shade and is the most orange among other shades from Apricot Stick line. About the color, it’s a vivid, and bright CORALish shade, which of course I like~! I’ve pacified my old obsession with concealer-like-nude lips shade as it tends to make me look dead, (more) pale, and sick. I meant, nude/naked shade is beautiful, but not the nude that is being over the top. Like the NYX orange soda I assume? Nahaha, I look weird with Orange Soda on my whole lips so I just use it to soften the color of my upper lips now.

Back to Apricot Stick, about the formula… well, it’s a semi translucent creamy stick, like a mix of lip balm and lipstick. Might as well address it as tinted ‘glossy’ balm. It won’t gives off a thick and bright color coverage like the average lipstick. So if you have a dark pigmented lips, this won’t cover up the dullness, hence why I said the formula is close to lip balm. I tried using it over a little of etude house color me nude lip concealer but it doesn’t work. It just accentuate every dryness on my lips caused by uneven application of the concealer, mwahahaha. So yeah… meant to be worn alone. But some reviews said that it works well to be used over lipstick, I’ve yet to try though.

The finish result is a glossy polished lips. Not as glossy as liquid lip gloss, but it’s just hella GLOSSY compared to any Korean STICK tint I’ve ever tried. Well, just the kind of glossiness that I can live with. The staying power isn’t too excellent, but still above average, the color and pigmentation make up for it. The tint will stay on the lips even after the glossiness disappear, and I LOVE it. So it will give a coralish peachy tone to my lips for a couple hours.

My dull-pale-dead and bitten bare lips ^

Translucent soft coral tone of ETUDE HOUSE Apricot stick in Banana

Despite being truculent, the color is “buildable” to become more vivid. But don’t expect something like a lipstick. Told ya it won’t cover the dullness. Pigmentation isn’t as great as lip tint, it’s much more softer.

Many said that it will accentuate the dryness on your lips, and it’s hard for me to evaluate this because my lips has been in its best condition lately, thanks to Nivea pinkish boost.

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Recommended for those who loves Korean milky tint (like etude house fresh cherry tint~) but are having a problem with the dry lips after.

What I Love:

  • Pretty coral shade, buildable from semi transparent to translucent-vivid color.
  • Non drying!! Superb moisturizing properties
  • Cheap

Not so loves:

  • The glossiness on first application
  • Hard to work together with lip concealer

Love rating:

ETUDE HOUSE Apricot Stick Collection

Which looks similar to:

TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (This one is cuter imo~)

I also made a design for bunny beaute, idk what you think. I just want something that is more conceptual.

Usually I’d get paid for this kind of thing, but oh well, I got my longed apricot stick anyway~♥ So yeah~ this is a free logo for a a fellow beauty lover 🙂

Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking of accepting offer for website (mainly blog) layout design, since there’s quite a number of request from readers.

Kk~ that would be it for now, more review are coming up ^-^ I’m so daaaamn hungry atm but refuse to go outside since it’s been raining like mad lately. NEED.TO.BUY.UMBRELLA ;^;

Thanks for reading, and Bai~

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