Are tinted lip balms the new lipsticks?

I can’t be the only one who has noticed the number of tinted lip balms prestige brands have been coming out with lately. Which I 100% understand! As much as I miss lipstick it’s just not practical right now. The only time I leave the house is for work and I’m not wearing lipstick for an 8-9 hour shift when the only people who will see it are my coworkers. Rare Beauty did gift me their new Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm for review.

Rare Beauty – Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm

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This lip balm retails for $18 and comes in 5 shades (I have Nearly Mauve). Rare Beauty claims this glossy lip balm has a cushion-like feeling while shining like a gloss. It hydrates with a hint of color while feeling weightless, nourishing, and never sticky.

My first impression was I didn’t like the packaging. I thought the flat end looked weird and the font on the packaging made it look cheap UNTIL I opened up the product. I remembered why Selena Gomez made the foundation bottle caps the way she did and when I saw how easy it was to open this lip balm I assumed it was for the same reason. It’s very easy to grip and open without strain. The wand also threw me off at first as well. It has this weird pointed cone shape but I quickly realized it’s really easy to use. You’re quickly able to apply lip balm without a mirror in five seconds as you just apply the balm between your lips with them closed. It does have a cushion-like feeling that feels soft and not sticky at all. It gives a sheer mauve tint which I do find flattering. I feel as far as a lip balm goes my lips do feel nourished throughout the day but it isn’t any better than any other lip balm I own. Overall I do really like it but I would not purchase it. $18 is a little pricey for it just being a “nice” product and not something that blows me out of the water.



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