$90 lipstick?Worth it or not?💄

Since Christian Louboutin has expanded their product line to the make-up field, their price keeps at the top. It is three times more expensive than other lipsticks. CL has produced three classic red colors, 001, 001m and 001s. I bought #001 rouge Louboutin, its texture is between 001m and 001w, not as matte as 001m, and not as moist as 001s. Compared with the well-known pure red queen DIOR 999, CL 001 is darker.

Many lipsticks need to be applied several times to show the color, CL only needs one time and the saturation can keep very high for a long time. If you are hesitant among colors, 001 is your first choice. In addition, I have to say the case of the lipstick seems like a weapon.: ) Almost every time I have to open my baggage and show my CL lipstick to staff when I go through the security check.

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Armani 400 is also pure red. However, it can show two different styles when you wear it lightly and heavily. It is a lip stain with a smooth velvety texture and a radiant finish. Your lips can be shown as instantly plumped and sexy.

ARMANI Beauty – Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick

Ecstasy Lacquer Excess Lipcolor Shine - 400 Four Hundred by Giorgio Armani for Women - 0.2 oz Lip Gloss Ecstasy Lacquer Excess Lipcolor Shine - 400 Four Hundred by Giorgio Armani for... @ Amazon Amazon Prime

Enjoy 8 hours of flawless, chic, and smudge-proof lips with this weightless liquid lipstick. Its formula is four times thinner, has twice as much color as traditional lipstick, and its slim quill gives ideal precision for a perfect lip contour.

If you just want to buy a lipstick of your loved color, it doesn’t make much sense to buy Christian Louboutin. It is not too difficult to find alternatives in other brands. Although the color of CL lipsticks is really attractive, and its packaging is also very exclusive, but it is also rly rly expensive !!!




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