How to Master the Soft Girl Makeup Aesthetic

It seems like every week there’s a new Instagram makeup trend from the infamous baddie makeup to the newfound e-girl aesthetic. Social media has always been influential on the latest beauty trends and the soft girl aesthetic has officially taken over. This makeup trend is almost a visceral yet opposite reaction to the e-girl trend that focuses on a more dark and moody look.

The soft girl aesthetic is exemplified by a girly, innocent persona and the makeup typically consists of peachy pink blushes and a thick coat of lip gloss. If you want to recreate this coveted look here are a few soft girl looks that will make you want to pick up your makeup brush right now.

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From the glowy highlighter to the super glossy lips, this cute soft girl look has us hypnotized. The dramatic lashes coupled with the soft makeup gives off a playful, innocent vibe that we’re definitely here for. Pick up your brushes and try this simple look to start.


Take your soft girl look on the wild side with this edgier version. The poppin red lip and sharp liner makes this innocent, girly look a little bit more grown and sexy. If you’re looking to incorporate a more edgy soft girl look, then this is perfect for you.


If you have a flair for the dramatic, then this soft girl look has your name written all over it. From the dramatic bright pink blush that blends into the eyeshadow to the highlighter yellow accent shadows and bold lashes – this look is guaranteed to turn heads. Channel your inner soft girl with this pink, glowy look.


This demure soft girl look is perfect for everyday wear. The warm neutral tones give off that sweet, innocent vibe that is essential to the soft girl aesthetic. The dramatic lashes and cute hairstyle enhance the look even more. For a more wearable look – try this!

This icy soft girl look is super unique and perfect for those who love to mix it up. The white mascara and eye liner set this look off by complementing the dramatic peachy blush, highlighter and lip gloss. Not to mention the feather in the hair as the perfect accessory for this super cute look. 
No soft girl look is complete without the signature artwork on the cheeks. These cute pink hearts take soft girl to the next level.
The band-aid over the nose is also another major trend for the soft girl look that you may want to add to your collection. The pink on the eyes, lips, cheeks, and tip of the nose makes the look even more innocent and girly.
This was a great piece of article from Cherie that many including myself read and used.  I didn’t want it to be lost and have transposed it here.  Full credit to user @mikaela.z

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