Coverage Foundation 30ml (Various Shades) – 1.1N



Perfect the complexion with The Ordinary Coverage Foundation by The Ordinary Colours; a full-coverage foundation that arrives in a comprehensive shade range. Enriched with a higher level of pigment to the serum foundation, the coverage formula boasts a rich, saturated effect, yet remains lightweight. Utilising treated pigments suspended in The Ordinary’s proprietary spreadability system, the foundation guarantees a natural looking, long-lasting finish that resists collecting in fine lines and appearing cakey. The foundation offers a coveted, full-coverage effect with semi-matte results, leaving the complexion flawless all day. The makeup is available in 21 different shades, which are divided up into 3 categories. 1 is designed for fair to lighter skin tones, 2 for medium tones and 3 for dark. Each category is classified further by a second digit ranging from 1 to 3, to indicate its depth within a category. Finally, the letter at the end of the shade indicates its undertone; P for pink, R for red, N for neutral and Y for yellow. A small number of shades boast an additional letter, S for silver highlights and G for gold. These foundations are infused with fine dispersions of metallic effect pigments, which add a luminous radiance to the complexion. Vegan friendly. Cruelty-free. Free from alcohol, oil, nuts, gluten and soy.

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