CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make-up Base [Blue]

Hey gorgeous! Here’s the review of Catalina Geo Color Capsule Make-up Base in blue~ I’ve only found a small number of reviews about this baby in google.

Product Description:

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Catalina Geo Capsule Makeup Base offers you a world’s first. Benefits are UV filters, it moisturizes the skin and is non allergenic. It applies smoothly and evenly providing a perfect base for makeup to last all day. It comes in 3 shades, each offering different benefits.

Despite being a Korean product, some description is written in Chinese. Never seen things like this before on any other Korean make-up product though.

Ingredients, has paraben and fragrance in it, so for those who have atopic skin, be extra careful~^^

My capsule is in blue :). Though, I think the violet is more suitable for me since I have a yellowish complexions. However, I love love LOVE the bottle! Don’t you think they look cute? Especially the pastel colored bubble particle. So basically it’s a mix of bubble/sphere particle and a transparent gel.

To be frank, this is my first ever make-up base, I’ve never really wear a full make up though. And as a girl who start wearing make-up at 22 =p I’d prefer to have only a few layers of make-up on my face, even up til now. If you know me through my blog, you must be thinking that I wear make-up on my daily basis, but I am not. Hence in my review now, I couldn’t really compare this baby with any other make-up base.

The pump mechanism will crush and ‘blend’ the bubble particles, creating a pastel blue liquid. But when I said crush, it would be roughly crushed that I can still notice very small blue particles and whatnot. This makes the blending become a little tricky because the small particles will spread all over my face and I really need time to settle them.

It really does makes my skin slightly fairer, and gives me brighter complexion. It’s very sheer and doesn’t give any coverage. However, I like the sheerness since it doesn’t gives any marked color difference between my neck and my face. I’ve always pay attention to this detail because you will look NG (not good) if peoples notice the color difference between your face and your neck, eek..~~

This thing is also very moisturizing, I always skip the moisturizer part now before using any BB cream, and apply the make-up base in place of it. Also, after each application I notice that my face tends to be more oilier than it usually does. I have no problem with the grease, well, I read an article on soompi about a beauty salon in Korea, JENNY HOUSE, if you know. The girl on the article said that the MUA in Jenny House put a plentiful amount of moisturizer, face spray, and other liquid to prep the skin before make up. And the ‘oil’ from the product really does add longevity to her make-up. I simply think this product works in the same way.

However, other than the dewiness effect it gives, I don’t feel this make up base add much longevity to my make up. It just gives me a right amount of moisture, and a being versatile one, this can also act as a sunscreen.

Okay, that would be all for the review. And would you care to share your favorite make-up base? I’m willing to know your favorite make-up base and your thoughts about them.^-^ hehe… So thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon~ 🙂

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