How to Make Eyeshadow Pop on Deeper Skin Tones

How to Make Eyeshadow Pop on Deeper Skin TonesPin
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Looking to achieve that colorful eye-popping shadow? Been dying for colorful eyeliner? Here’s your guide on how to get the look, the products to use, and the brands that create for women with that melanin.

Neon colors, bright pinks, shimmer, and glitter are all on the lids of your favorite Beauty Influencer! Join the trend this Spring and Summer, and boost your color frequency with a few splashes of color-friendly brands for women with melanin! Bright and bold color palettes are hitting your Instagram feed from every retailer in Sephora to even smaller businesses who want in on the trend. If the girls are wearing it, you can bet other beauty lovers are discussing it!

So let’s say you’re dying to try one of the looks you saw on your Instagram explore page, but not sure the color will live up to the hype on your skin tone. Sis, we understand, so here’s the tea on which brands will work for your skin tone and how to bat those lashes with a colorful canvas. Let’s break down the basics first…

Secure the Look

Knowing the basics before starting any beauty treatment is essential. You can have all the products, and tools but not having the ‘why’ to your ‘how’, will leave you skipping important steps. Secure your look by always prepping and priming ladies — a beat look starts here!

1. Before any makeup application, starting with a clean and even-toned base is ideal. Grab your favorite base color or concealer to give your lid an even complexion for the eyeshadow to build on. Sometimes eye-shadow shades aren’t as pigmented on darker toned women, so starting with a matte base is key for ladies with a deeper skin-tone — this method will also give the shadow a color boost!

2. Applying a base concealer will not only help with the color pay-off but will increase the chances of your shadow staying vibrant throughout the day.

3. Crease where? Unless you created a cut-crease yourself, the last thing you want is your shadow to fall into the creases on your lid. A base will provide a barrier to combat that issue.

4. An oldie but goodie and perhaps a newbie to you! Wetting your eyeshadow brush helps with picking up the color and building up the look much easier. Shadows will go on easier, creamier and will stay put!

Create the Look

Now for the fun part — your eyelids are nicely primed and ready for that gorgeous poppin’ color. So what are we going for today, a bubble gum pink? Orange perhaps? Hmm, maybe color but you want to be subtle? Neon eyeliner it is! And if you want to give a sexy, come hither eye, golds and metallics are your BFF’s. With a primed, even-toned lid, your options are endless — here are the Palettes, Liners, and Brands that can help you achieve your bright and bold look.

1. Get the Anastasia Glow

An Anastasia eyeshadow palette is known for creating multiple upon multiple looks, and with their formula, these shades work for women with deeper skin tones. The Modern Renaissance palette is filled with pink, shimmery tones that will pop on women of color with little to no effort. Equally pigmented as they are gorgeous, these shades are buildable and compatible.

2. Fenty on the Beat

FENTY BEAUTY Fenty has designed its entire product line to be inclusive but also focuses on ensuring Women of Color can indulge in every single product drop. That was not overlooked when it came to creating eyeshadow palettes and eyeliner kits. Vibrant, colorful and just the right amount of shimmer, is possible with the Morrocan Spice eyeshadow palette from Fenty. Every shade in the palette is readable on deeper skin tones. Yaaaasss!

Aside from eyeshadow palettes, Fenty dropped their Vivid Liquid Liner Kit, which comes with three eye-poppin’ colors to play with, and three different options for you to choose from. With colorful names like Baecae, Baeside, and Baewatch, you can create flirty looks in more ways than one. All three kits are dark-skin friendly and will give the subtle, yet playful look you’ve been wanting to try.

3. Shimmer with Huda

If you want to give your eyes a vibrant night-time look with golds and metallics, the Rose Gold Remastered eye palette by Huda Beauty has your eyelids covered – literally sis! With shades like 24K and #Blessed, your lids will glow with every bat of your lash, which is what you want, and what you shall get.

4. Stay Vibrant at Juvia’s Place

So, you asked for color, right? Right! Juvia’s Place has eyeshadow palettes that will give you what you need, and something you didn’t know was possible! Get into the colors of the rainbow, girl! Can we say pigmented?! The reviews on this palette let you know the look and quality are real!

Rock the Look

Creating vibrant trendy looks was the goal and you now have the tips, tools, and brands to help achieve the look that your favorite beauty guru is currently rocking. To recap, creating any of these gorgeous looks starts with a clean, even-toned base. Using a concealer, or base a few shades lighter than your complexion is ideal. Try the wet brush method and give the brands listed a try, as they created palettes and shades with your skin tone in mind!

For beauty reviews, tips, or just looking for a community of makeup lovers, keep checking back for you to learn about skincare, beauty, and brands that work for your skin tone and your skin concerns.



This article was from Cherie, credit to user @_Sheilanadi

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