How To Wear Your False Lashes Perfectly

Here are some tips for you to apply false lashes perfectly.

We absolutely adore the look of fake lashes, but applying them? Well, Not so much. So, hell-bent on figuring out how to put on fake eyelashes the correct way, we got expert makeup artists’ tips to decipher their cryptic lash application secrets. Read on to find out how to apply false eyelashes like a professional, plus some extra tips to keep your falsies looking impeccably fresh!

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  1. Prep Up Your Natural Lashes

    After completing the application of your eyeshadow and eyeliner application, make sure to curl up your lashes and apply some mascara.

  2. Applying Glue to the Eyelash

    Using a pair of tweezers, hold the lashes firmly and gently dab on a thin line of glue to the lash band with a clean, dry cotton swab.

    Make sure to never squeeze the glue from the applicator directly onto the lash line. Simply put a drop of glue onto the center of a Q-tip and drag the lash through it. This ensures an even application.

    A word of advice: use dark glue to blend in your eyeliner better. Preferably use black glue since it blends right within the eyelashes. But don’t worry: the standard white glue will dry clear, so you’ll be quite alright in the end.

  3. Wait For Some Time To Let The Glue Dry.

    This is most important: Let the glue sit for about half a minute. It’ll make the fake lashes less likely to slide down when you apply them. It’s critical to blow dry the lash around for some time after the addition of the glue. This lets the formulation become dry enough to stick, avoiding the glue running all over.

  4. Pace the Strip on Your Lash Line and Press It Down Firmly

    Using the pair of tweezers again, place the lashes right where your eyeliner was. Then, press them onto the lash line.

  5. Use Black Eyeliner to Conceal the Lash Strip

    Some extra eyeliner and another coat of mascara will give the perfect finish, while you must make sure to fill in any gaps that might be left. While your mascara will provide the much-needed finish to your fake lashes, they definitely won’t remain hygienic for too long! Make sure you use such lashes once or twice only. Any longer, and you run the risk of getting a nasty eye infection for your aesthetic endeavors.

Do’s And Don’ts For Applying Fake Lashes

Now that you have understood the basics of how to put fake eyelashes, here are some makeup artist-approved dos and don’ts:

  1. Experiment with Different Pairs of Fake Lashes

    When it comes to false eyelashes, one size DOES NOT fit all. It would be AWESOME if every pair of lashes was custom-made for you. However, that’s generally not the case, and you might ultimately need a pair of scissors. Begin by measuring the lash. Lay it above your natural lashes (without glue, to measure the fit), then open your eye. This shall give you a basic idea of how the fake lash will sit on your unique eye contour so that the remainder can be snipped away. Trimming makes them comfortable to wear and prevents their dislocation.

  2. Try Using Halves

    No need to wear the entire lash. Simply cut it in half and use as per your convenience! This creates an incredible cat-eye effect! Try pairing this with winged liner and you are ready to enthrall!

  3. Pay Attention to the Width of the Band

    Consider the band of the lash while purchasing it, not just the thickness and length. Use the lashes with an invisible band whenever possible. You can use extra lash glue to make sure the thick band stays in place.

  4. Curve the Band

    Shaping the band of your lash strip perfectly is the key. You can achieve this by wrapping the fake lashes fresh out of their cover along with a pen or a medium-sized mascara container. By doing this, the glue that keeps the lashes in the tray will make them stick to the curved surface, and by extension, to the natural curve over your eyes.

  5. Never Apply Lashes Before Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

    Putting on eyelashes should always be the last step of your eye makeup routine. Always let your eye shadow and eyeliner be properly dried before you begin to apply glue for your eyelashes. More often than not, this very glue starts interfering with your liner and shadow application, making the entire business way too messy.

  6. Make Sure To Add Individual False Lashes

    Individual lashes tend to look more natural. Individual strips in place of an extended line accord more flexibility and help you experiment with different styles and lash patterns.

  7. Re Curl After You Finish Application

    To blend the stiff, fake lashes with your natural ones, re-curl them with an appropriate cylindrical object such as a pen or mascara container to get those perfect curls.

  8. Be Careful About Gluing Your Eyes Shut

    While this may sound obvious, there is actually an easy trick to keeping glue away from your eyes. The simple rule is this: Always keep your eyes open when applying. Try to apply while holding a mirror below your eyes, which will make it a lot easier to see how you are applying your lash line while looking straight ahead.

  9. Use An Eyeliner as a Guide

    This pro-tip is commendable to put on fake eyelashes: If you are struggling with where exactly to place your false eyelashes, trace black eyeliner along the purported lash line. This shall act as an exact guide along which you can easily place your lashes.

  10. Trim Your Lashes

    If your pair of false lashes is burdening your eyelids, trim them to a shorter length before you begin to apply. You can also snip an individual lash within the strip for different lengths for a more natural look. (Don’t try this after you have glued the eyelashes, or you will end up trimming your natural eyelashes, too!).




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