☀️6 Sunkissed Makeup Looks to Give You a Glow No Matter the Season!

The best thing about sunkissed makeup looks is they allow you to go a little light on the makeup and let your natural beauty shine through. Sunkissed makeup looks are great for hot summer days, ladies with freckles, and anyone who likes to keep it light. Here are our picks for your inspiration:

1. Pink Blush

Pink blush Selena @hungvanngo
Pink blush Selena @hungvanngo

Layering light pink or peach blush on top of minimal makeup makes for the perfect summer makeup look for any skin tone. Add a lightweight pink or clear lip gloss like Selena for that perfect fresh-faced, sunkissed makeup look.

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2. Dewy Skin

Dewy skin IG @namvo
Dewy skin IG @namvo

Dewy skin has fast become a summer must and it is super easy to achieve. Simply use a lightweight foundation or BB cream, add a high-pigmented highlighter, keep eyelashes long and thin, and finish with a setting spray and a thin coat of clear lip gloss.

3. Golden Skin

Gold glow @scottbarnescosmetics
Gold glow @scottbarnescosmetics

Nothing says summer quite like golden skin, and in the case of your makeup, that can mean literally! You don’t have to stop at bronzer, either. Add highlighter and warm-tone eyeshadow that complements your skin for the ultimate bronzed look.

4. Barely There

barely there @kayleigh_june
barely there @kayleigh_june

The “barely there” makeup look is the perfect option for any summer day or night. Recreate this dewy skin look with one coat of mascara, feathery eyebrows, a warm peach blush, and a lightly tinted lip balm. This will give you that effortless sunkissed look and enhance your natural beauty.

5. Peachy Eyes

summer look @beautyisboring
summer look @beautyisboring

Peach shades work for all skin tones and all eye colors, but is particularly striking on model @askyladelaplaine. Coordinate with a peachy lip and blush or highlight to really round off this perfect summer look.

6. Bronzed Lips

Bronzed Lips

If you want inspiration for beautiful natural looks, you can always go to makeup artist Patrick Ta. This look highlights how you can use a skin tone-adjacent lipstick can enhance that natural sunkissed look.

Sunkissed looks work for all skin tones, and highlighter will definitely be your friend! Be sure to test out all these sunkissed makeup looks this summer.

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