Why are skincare brands launching candles?

Skincare brands are launching candles as the lines of beauty and wellness continue to intersect.

If Glossier launched a candle tomorrow, I would be freaking the F out. I wouldn’t be surprised, this is exactly the kind of thing Glossier has always hoped to bring to its consumers; a lifestyle.

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Emily Weiss once said on an episode of the Breaking Beauty Podcast, “I think when women think of Glossier, they’re thinking of a lifestyle…they’re thinking of their bathroom at least, if not the world through Glossier colored glasses”. When you think about it, Glossier was one of the first beauty brands to make sense out of merch. Branded lifestyle items like sweatshirts, hair clips, and silk scarfs to keep your vanity and closet well Glossier-ified.

A candle isn’t far off for Glossier and beauty brands alike. Besides, can you imagine what it would smell like? Glossier You, duh. Ugh,*chefs kiss*.

While we may have to patiently wait for this to grace our presence from Glossier (no pressure Emily), skincare brands are already leaning in and launching candles. As the need for beauty and wellness to constantly intersect, consumers wanting more than just the obvious from brands, and 2020 just leaving us with the feeling of ‘I want to indulge in self-care’ beauty brands could not have picked a better time to do this.

Why the demand for candles?

While fashion and fragrance sales may be on the decline due to the realities of this year, skincare and self-care are certainly not. There’s no better time to be a beauty editor & lover, brands are launching items at breakneck speeds.

But candles. A rather simple item that we don’t pay much attention to often lumped into fragrance but now seem to be holding their own as they enter a new phase in the beauty space. And while brands like Diptyque, Boy Smells, and Botanica have given candles a luxury feel; why are they becoming a trend for beauty brands? Well, for one candle look ~ultra~ chic in shelfies and two, beauty is very much a sensorial experience. Why not light a candle as you dive into your double cleanse or relax in bed while masking?

But don’t just take my word for candle popularity, the demand is really there. Spate Trends is currently reporting searches for candles skyrocketed in 2020, with an impressive 116% growth from the previous year. It’s safe to say candles are serving as one of many life’s little luxuries during the stress and uncertainty of 2020.

Read on to see which of your favorite beauty brands are already ahead of the curve, launching what we didn’t know we needed from them.

Candles you need for your beauty routine:

Aesop Aromatique Candles

Brand new to the scene, Aesop launched 3 aromatherapy candles each named after constellations. The brand is known for its chic soap bottles, rich moisturizers, and luxury apothecary-like vibe. These candles scream ‘dark and stormy’ intention setting feels, but offer a scent that caters to everyone. I’m thinking I need to light one as I slowly gua sha my stress away.

Supernal Cosmic Glow Candle

The best candle I have ever lit a flame to. I’ve cried tears since it’s limited edition, but it’s here now for a good time. If you’ve ever tried Supernal’s Cosmic Glow Oil you’ve been whisked away by the wonders aromatherapy can do for your skin. This candle is no different, blending together cozy warm scents with mood-uplifting ones. California Lemon, sweet bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, and pine could spark meditation magic.

Origins Neroli and Lemongrass

Part of their ‘feel good candle’ collection, the neroli and lemongrass candle freshens up any space and is a spa day favorite among many. Light this when you need a little inspiration or are wanting to do some deep breathing exercises.

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Follain Candle No. 1

Clean beauty site, Follain actually has two candles under their brand name. Handpoured and a blend of coconut and soy wax, the lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, and vanilla scent feel like a cozy hug on a frigid day. When you are feeling like skipping out on washing your face before bed, light this to take the edge off. And then, just do the damn thing. You won’t regret it.

Sunday Riley Come Upstairs Massage Candle

So popular, it sold out almost immediately on the Sunday Riley site after launch. Come Upstairs is a massage candle. After putting out the flame and waiting until the wax is cool to the touch, you slowly pour onto your skin and massage in the oils. Made to promote relaxation with linden blossom and sandalwood, this candle is a must-have to melt your stress away.



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