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So, it’s been now over two weeks and these are the fab 5 that have helped my skin SO much from all my “facemask-acne”. Yes, it’s taken a little while, but I am happy that my breakouts are almost completely gone (except for a very stubborn one near my mouth). Please note: I do NOT recommend any of these products for anyone with sensitive skin, except for the face spray!!

Ok, let’s go product by product now:

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NEOSTRATA – Foaming Glycolic Wash

I LOVE this face wash! Everything from the super-soft foam texture, the small amount you need, and the barely-there scent is great about it. The 4 and not 5 stars?? If you overuse it (like I have 🤦🏻‍♀️) it’ll dry out your skin a bit. So, careful !!

MARIO BADESCU – Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

This little spray is everything to me. The main reason: it does NOT have any alcohol in it and therefore doesn’t dry my skin out. I like to use it as a “toner” in between my wash/treatments/moisturizer, but when I need a bit of hydration throughout the day, I just do a couple of sprays 😊

Kate Somerville – Liquid ExfoliKate Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment

Ok, first things first: the one thing I CANNOT stand about this product is the smell 😩😩😩 It’s super strong and definitely not pleasant. However, when it comes to its effectiveness, I must say it’s great. My skin does feel clean, like I’ve taken away a thin layer of extra whatever was there (sorry lol, it’s hard to explain). It burns a bit on my breakouts, but it has helped reduce them too. Once again, another product NOT to be overdone, it’s a strong formula that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which can be damaging to the skin when not used properly. PLEASE use at night only, and REMEMBER to use SPF during the day as well as minimum sun exposure for the sake of your skin staying healthy and getting the most benefit out of AHA’s!!

NEOSTRATA – Acne Clarifying Solution

This solution right here is the bomb! Yes, I said it. Has to be the best acne solution I’ve ever used. It does work great for my skin. I only dab a saturated cotton pad where I need it (breakouts mostly and oily parts of my face). It burns my breakouts, yes, I literally DO feel the burn lol, which it also means it’s working, right? 🤔 It’s also helped with my redness and the breakout bumps minimize noticeably!

And last, but not least

MARIO BADESCU – Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Yes, another cult fave that I HAD to try myself lol. I think it’s effective and it does good work by drying out breakouts (or anything that’s a pustule or such). My only complaint is that it takes a while to see the results. Maybe I was expecting it to be one of those “overnight miracle” products, but it just isn’t. It’s also recommended to be applied and left overnight, which I did, but in the morning my ugly little bumps were still there, just in the slow process of going away…



This article was taken from Cherie to make it available to all, credit to user @beri_anothrbeautyvictm

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