Products that I’ve been absolutely loving

Products that I’ve been absolutely lovingPin
Credit: @skinwithkirsti Cherie

This month the products that I’ve been absolutely loving are:

💚 la Mer – The Cleansing Oil.

– This has pretty much been a ride-or-die product for me, since discovering it, it’s been a staple in my routine, I’ve tried other products but always come back because nothing compares. – It dissolves makeup and SPF in a quick time and it’s super nourishing on the skin as well.

💚 la prairie – Cellular Cleansing Water.

– I’ve used this cleanser for years now and I use it in the morning to freshen up my skin. I personally don’t feel I need a full cleanse in the morning so this is enough to remove anything on the surface and leaves my skin hydrated and ready for the next steps.

💚 drunk elephant – LaLa Retro Whipped Cream.

– I have absolutely been loving this cream. The texture feels amazing it’s so fluffy, doesn’t clog my pores, and is amazing when using acids and retinol. – When I apply this it absorbs almost instantly and leaves me with a gorgeous glow and keeps me hydrated all day long.

💚 drunk elephant – A-Passioni.

– Now I have tried a lot of Retinols but this one seriously has impressed me so far. It’s only been a month so not all results are evident but it has definitely helped reduce pigmentation that I had on my cheeks. I’m impressed I’ve seen results already because I’m still not up to daily usage yet. So I’m hoping that once I’ve built up a tolerance to that I’ll see faster results.

💚 drunk elephant – Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil.

– I’m super fussy with oils but this one is so amazing at hydrating, what I like is that it’s not too heavy, you can use this and look dewy rather than oily. I use both am and pm and it’s never clogged my pores.

💚 chanel – CoCo Mademoiselle.

– Nothing to say other than it’s my fav scent.

Products-that Ive been absolutely lovingPin

This article was taken from Cherie to make it available to all. Credit to user @skinwithkirsti

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