PRINCESS ETOINETTE: Etude House Princess Project

Hey Gorgeous today i decided to do something different.  I found something i got quite a few years ago that I still adore today.

Just because I love this line soooooo very much, It’s the princess line that came out from Etude House back in 2012, which enraptured my heart so much with its design. You know I’m a big sucker for this kind of things, all peachy and princessy.

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Etoinette shiny tears eyeliner
Etoinette rose brush – featured at the top of the post
So basically, what I got was a set of make-up including highlighter, blushers, crystal powder, eyeliner, lipsticks, nail polishes. Not only that, you can also find a cute heart shaped soap bar, make-up brush with VERY unique design (I mean YES! unique!) plus cute too! hehehe….four types of brush and three of them are long handled (comes with a VERY cute and vintage princessy pouch).And yea, perfumed candle, cute pink comb, and mirror.
All in all, their main concept for PRINCESS ETOINETTE is: basic range of make up to make you be a princesse~~~ at day, night, at home, and everywhere! They looked so good i decided to keep them as keep sake. It’s like a collectible.
Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder, claims to brighten and smoothen skins. It had silica, gawd~ My favorite ingredients! Why? cuz I feel that silica coating is the BEST way to minimize the oil secretion, at least that still works for me (experienced the mighty of silica by trying AVENE au thermal spray).

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