Pure Artemisia Feminine Cleanser 200ml


Brand from South Korea: HANYUL. Washes away bad bacteria to reduce the risks of infections. Reduces odor with soft scent and gets rid of the itchiness. Formulated with Korean Pure Artemisia, helps brighten dull and rough skin. 6-Free Formula: Free of Animal Ingredient, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colorant, Synthetic Fragrance, PEG Surfactant, Sulfate Surfactant. How to use: Apply a proper amount and massage lightly. Then, wash off with lukewarm water.

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민감한 그 곳, 여성청결제 써요? 말아요? 22종 성분 분석 by. 디렉터파이

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Korean Beauty Skincare -HANYUL-Pure Artemisia Feminine Cleanser 200ml
Pure Artemisia Feminine Cleanser 200ml