Moist Cleansing Whipping Foam 180ml 180ml

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Brand from South Korea: IOPE. 3-Functions Urban Refreshing Care: removing fine dust particles + purifying skin + restoring skin balance. Thoroughly removes waterproof makeup products. Dermatologically tested. Contains konjac scrubs to exfoliate skin. 6-free formulated system: animal-originated ingredients-free, surfactants containing sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, compose dyes-free, silicone oil-free, and triethanolamine-free. Enriched with fermented components from water hyacinth to soothe and purify sensitive skin, restore skin balance for dewy and radiant skin. How to use: 1. Take a moderate amount onto your damp palm and massage it over the entire face. 2. Wash off with lukewarm water.

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아이오페 클렌징 제품 4종으로 이토준지 분장을 지워보았다 iope cleansing review | 승찌

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