Molokhia Refreshing Shower Gel Large 300g


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Brand from South Korea: T’else. Benefits: A pH-balanced shower gel containing raw Molokhia Extract to refresh your weary skin. Removes skin impurities, harmful residues with 94% of naturally-derived ingredients and minimizes the skin irritation with coconut-derived surfactant. Strengthens the moisture barrier with patented Ceramide, leaving a healthy, moisturized skin. Gives purifying and soothing effects to the flaky, fatigued skin. Free of 10 harmful ingredients such as Parabens, BHT, Phenoxyethanol. Skin irritation tested. How to use: 1. Pump a moderate amount of product on a sponge or palms and rub with water to lather up. 2. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly with water.

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