No More Oily and Greasy Hair: these Brands and Products are for You

No More Oily and Greasy Hair: these Brands and Products are for YouPin

It’s no secret that tonnes of us struggle with oil control. Finding effective hair care products for oil control can be challenging to say the least. It all comes down to a hair care item that washes away clean, prevents scalp irritation, and saturates your locks with moisture. Thankfully, there are solutions. The best options tend towards cleansers, since you have to wash away existing oil (and prevent it from returning). You want something that won’t aggravate your scalp, and restores your hair to good health. These leading options are a great starting point for ridding yourself of oily hair.

Sachajuan Normalizing Shampoo

Understanding that hair care is complicated, Sachajuan focuses on using high-quality ingredients and minimalist solutions to reduce oiliness. Since they know that hair care is complex enough, the cleaners and conditioners remain simple and straightforward. This is ideal for greasy hair since extra chemicals which don’t wash away easily just serve to bog down your hair. While it may seem like the best way to rid your hair of grease is to strip it of oils with tonnes of chemicals, this is actually counterintuitive. Instead of healing your locks, it actually adds to stress. So, if you want something to address the real problem, Sachajuan Normalizing Shampoo is a great option. By restoring balance to your locks, it keeps your hair in good condition for the long term.

Nexxus Weightless Moisture Solution

Based on the premise that damaged hair can indeed be restored, Nexxus uses innovative approaches to handling oily locks. Focusing on keratin (the natural protein found in hair) and black rice, the brand is unique to say the least. Offering a range of hair care products for oil control, the company knows that stressed hair leads to oiliness and grease. Basically, if you dye, bleach, or otherwise harm your locks through styling, it can lead to a really oily look. Due to the fact that your body produces oils as a defense – a way to moisturize your hair naturally – you need a solution to address the damage. If you supply your hair with artificial moisture, your body becomes less inclined to create oils. With that in mind, the Nexxus Weightless Moisture solution sets the bar for oil control products. It restores balance to your locks, rinsing out cleanly to keep your hair light and silky. Use it either daily or merely every once in a while. You can keep this item on hand for after you stress your hair with styling or bleaching. After application, it leaves behind soft hair that doesn’t feel inclined towards oiliness.

Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo For Greasy Hair

A favorite option for many, Bumble and Bumble is a popular brand for its way of offering conditioning without adding weight. The brand focuses on lifting your hair – providing it with volume that doesn’t bog down your look. While some brands strip away the natural oils of your hair in efforts to limit greasiness, this brand takes a different approach. Unique amongst hair care products for oil control, it conditions without removing your hair’s organic essence. When your locks lose their natural oils, your body reads this as a command to produce more. This leads to greasiness (the exact thing we’re trying to avoid). So, to address this concern, many opt for Sunday Shampoo For Greasy Hair. It moisturizes your hair from the top down, ridding you of the need to create oils. It leaves behind light and vibrant hair consistently making it ideal for daily use.

OGX Tea Tree & Mint Cleanser

Sourcing exotic ingredients from across the globe, OGX Beauty provides innovative solutions to a wide range of hair issues. Instead of sticking to the basics, it approaches hair care in a unique manner. Since every scalp and each head of hair is different, it helps to find the exact ingredients that work for you specifically. OGX uses a wide range of products to address hair concerns. For oily hair, a great option is the Tea Tree and Mint Cleanser. The tea tree oil (native to Australia) keeps your scalp healthy while the naturally astringent properties of mint refresh your scalp. This option returns your hair to its healthiest state. By focusing on your scalp, it helps prevent your body from creating excessive oils in between applications.

Some Final Thoughts

The key message is that your hair is unique. When you want a solution to oily hair issues, it is critical to find the proper products for your needs. These brands each approach oil control in a different way. So, to get the best results, consider what the root of your greasiness issues actually is. Whether it is stress, damage, or a concern with your scalp, there is a cleanser to meet your needs.



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