10 Must Know Tips for Hair Loss Prevention

Find support, advice and suggestions designed to really help you get your hair back to looking its best.

Hair growth starts to change at a certain point in our lives. Looking for hair loss tips as well as hair loss treatment? Find support, advice and suggestions designed to really help you get your hair back to looking its best.

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The hair loss problem

We all would like to think that our hair will be around forever, but the reality is that thinning hair is an eventuality for most of us. However, hair loss prevention as well as hair loss treatment are both options to help you make the most out of your hair-related genetics. When it comes to stopping or reducing hair loss as much as possible, here are some realistic and practical tips to give your hair growth a boost. It’s easier than you think!

Hair loss at its root

It’s important to understand the actual reason that you’re noticing thinning hair, as the cause of it will determine what you can do about it, as well as promote new hair growth as much as possible. There are two main approaches you can consider.

Stopping hair loss refers specifically to causes that are not related to genetics or biology. For example, infections, stress or other significant emotional difficulty can lead to premature hair loss. In this case. Hair loss treatment would be getting through the trauma and recovering emotionally. Hair growth will start again as normal. Medications can also be counted in this category.

When it comes to reducing hair loss, however, this is focused more on the idea that your hair is going to thin out or break no matter what. The goal, in these cases, is to prioritize hair loss prevention rather than stop it. These causes of hair loss, for example, include genetics (pattern baldness in the family), hormone imbalances (PCOS, for example) and more.

If you need support in figuring out whether you can stop or just reduce hair loss, consider talking to a hair stylist as well as a dermatologist. Both should be experienced in their fields and can offer you recommendations based on what they see and diagnose, respectively.

The goals for stopping or reducing hair loss may be different in what “success” looks like, but both are absolutely possible by taking a look at these realistic and supportive hair loss tips.

Best tips to stop hair loss

Ideally, it’d be nice to stop hair loss before it happened by knowing what the problem is. Since that’s not always possible, here are some considerations to help you get to the bottom of the issue.

  1. Check with your doctor about birth control or hormone supplements:

    One of the biggest causes for temporary or unexpected hair loss is medication such as hormone supplements or birth controls. Even the act of switching from one brand to another could be enough for you to notice thinning hair. Check with your doctor about lightening your dosage, or switching to a more hair-friendly kind of medication.

  2. Aggressive styling or product use:

    If you regularly perm, dye or treat your hair with a lot of products and styling tools (ie: curling iron or flat iron), you’ll notice that your hair will weaken and break. Sometimes it will even fall out. Take it easy with any and all of these things and you should start seeing healthy hair growth again.

  3. Up your protein intake:

    Sometimes being protein deficient can cause hair loss, so the ideal hair loss treatment, then, is to up your protein. Since keratin is a protein and it is what is responsible for healthy hair growth, it makes sense that you need to keep feeding yourself healthy proteins. If you need help with this, consider a protein supplement.

  4. Meditation and stress relievers:

    Stress and emotional trauma, as you’ve read, can create hair thinning and baldness, even. Get a handle on your stress by making time and space for meditation and other stress relievers such as a spa visit.

  5. Massage or natural scalp treatments:

    Along those same lines, consider scalp treatments such as olive oil, onion juice, or massage. Having “pampering” specifically to your scalp can be great, targeted support.

Best tips to help reduce hair loss

While it would be nice to simply be able to keep our look healthy and thick, sometimes hair care has to be more focused on hair loss prevention instead. These hair loss tips are more focused on dealing with on-going hair loss due to biological factors that are, unfortunately, beyond fixing as far as the cause.

  1. Medications such as minoxidil:

    You’ll find that medications such as the well-loved minoxidil can be helpful for keeping hair strong and resistant to breakage. It can also slow down the hair loss process itself when started early enough.

  2. Rosemary oil and/or vitamin B5:

    Both of these supplements can be added into hair tonics or shampoos. They are great for strengthening the scalp as well to make sure that follicles stay healthy and active for as long as possible.

  3. Deep-treat with coconut products:

    Coconut oil, coconut milk and such products can all be helpful for moisturizing the scalp and protecting hair. When you are looking at hair loss treatment that focuses on masks or other salves, coconut oil is a trustworthy ingredient for scalp, skin and hair.

  4. Switch to a gentle and mild shampoo:

    Sometimes shampoos can be too harsh on hair and scalp. Consider relying on a mild and gentle shampoo. There are many natural options you can rely on. When in doubt, go with one designed for babies or toddlers! Plus, the smell is great too.

  5. Get dermatologist support:

    Professional help is always great when it comes to protecting your scalp’s help. A dermatologist can diagnose the cause of the hair loss and also help you protect your follicles, hair shaft, and length for as long as possible. For the right support for reducing hair loss as well as the look of hair loss, this is the right professional for the job.

Pick the right hair loss treatment for you

Reducing and stopping hair loss are both possible when you know what tips to rely on to lead you down the right path. Pick the best options for you and enjoy those glossy locks again.


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